Why is the cloud so popular? The backbone of so many successful businesses? Because it makes you more agile, more scalable. It helps you grow faster, more securely. Controlled growth. Compliant growth.

Use the cloud to enable multiple teams in multiple locations service clients in a multitude of more effective ways. A single, shared infrastructure. Multiple benefits.

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Investment in legacy processes and infrastructure can make migration to the cloud seem like a distant dream. But it’s actually a lot closer than you might think.


Leveraging existing infrastructures, applications and technologies means it’s possible to radically simplify the migration process. Every day we help our clients become cloud enabled – whatever it takes, from transforming legacy and windows applications to run a web-based environment to re-engineering applications and migrating them from traditional enterprise data environments to a cloud platform.

Investing in the Cloud


Companies don’t migrate to the cloud for no reason. They understand the many benefits of cloud computing. That by accessing computing, storage and network resources only when and where they are needed cloud investment increases agility and competitiveness, is cost-effective, simplifies IT management and reduces capital costs. Less a technological decision, more a business decision they understand that the cloud lies at the heart of their future success.

Why Choose the Opex Cloud?


Connecting your business to the Opex Cloud enables:


Improved capacity, control, security, operational efficiency and business agility.


Guaranteed business continuity and data backup, with increased mobility in out-of

-office hours and for remote workers.


Lower IT costs and rapid up-and-running times, meaning the focus on IT can shift to

essential business operations, rather than system maintenance.


Improved scalability through “Pay-As-You-Use” pricing; removing the need to invest

in applications and infrastructure that may remain unused , or become obsolete.


A greener business: cloud computing can reduce a company’s carbon emissions by

up to 30%.

The layer structure of the Opex cloud:




APPLICATION – SaaS (Software as a Service)


PLATFORM – PaaS (Platform as a Service)


INFRASTRUCTURE – IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)



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